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This is where I share my adventures with adventurous people.

My love for the outdoors started at a very young age. Every summer was spent camping with my family and out on the water with the boat and/or jet ski. My fascination with the fulfillment that these adventures brought only grew with time. As the years went by I found myself spending more time on the trails and kayaking. It was in college and our first year of marriage that I became more intentional with the places we explored and truly appreciated the great outdoors. And before I knew it I was growing confident in taking on some adventures on my own!

It's without a doubt that my faith has grown stronger through my time spent in the outdoors. Time spent on the trails means extra time spent with the God of this beautiful creation. It is my hope that I not only inspire others to get out and explore the outdoors but to also connect with our great creator through these beautiful places. 




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