Road Trip To Alaska | Yukon, Canada | Alaska Wedding, Lifestyle, and Portrait Photographer

We trekked through Yukon on the last day of our road trip, pushing nearly a 10 hour drive just so we could make it to Fairbanks, AK that day. And we did arrive to Fairbanks on the same day around 9:30 p.m., although it felt more like 5 p.m. considering how high in the sky the sun still was.

This felt like the longest day ever. We were truly experiencing the Alaska Highway and going a couple hundred miles at a time without any towns, gas, food, etc. The drive was beautiful, long, and filled with rainstorms.  We heard how rough the Alaska Highway was before we started our trip, but went nearly 3/4 of the Alaska Highway thinking it was just easy breezy. Sure enough, entering Yukon is where we started to see the roughest part of our drive. Miles and miles and miles of dirt and gravel roads on top of road construction.  We're pretty certain this part of the trip is where we got our first flat tire (yes, first because we are now dealing with our 3rd flat tire within the month of living in Alaska).

My favorite part of this territory was over Kluane Lake.  These are the second bunch of images in this post, with the very blue water! It was so blue and so vast.  This spot, along with Banff National Park are definitely top on my list to make a trip back through.  We would've stayed here longer and pulled off for a picnic, but it started pouring on us as soon as we made it over the bridge to some of the better picnic spots.