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Road Trip to Alaska | Colorado | Alaska Wedding, Lifestyle, and Portrait Photographer

Colorado was HANDS DOWN one of my favorite spots to drive through!  I had been to Denver before, but never actually made it into the Rocky Mountains.  The view was breathtaking and I just didn't want it to end.  Hearing the river through our whole time spent here was the most peaceful sound!

We got a super inexpensive little cabin (Sportman's Lodge) for the night that was so charming! Seriously, I just wanted to pick it up and take it with us.  Our time was pretty short at this spot, but we wanted to take full advantage of it so we planned a hike for the next morning.

I wouldn't say the time zone change was affecting us too much at this point, however, Hunter did somehow manage to wake up on his own AN HOUR before our alarm went off which was set for 6 a.m.  (If you know Hunter, you know that this is just breaking news) I couldn't stay mad at him for the early wake up call considering he managed to drag me out of the cabin to watch this GORGEOUS sunrise with him.  I kid you not, it was like a movie.  After admiring the sunrise, we headed a couple miles down the road to breeze up a small trail along the river. I would say it was at this point in the trip that it really started to hit us we were moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY, and how valuable silence and isolation in nature can be.

I could apologize in advance for the overload of photos, but trust me you'll be glad I shared them all with you; so don't stop scrolling until you reach the end!

Thank you all for following our adventure! Don't worry, I'm not even halfway done with sharing photos from our road trip.  So stay tuned for more from my favorite places!